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This option in the View menu allows the user to add or delete items to the toolbar, or customize it completely. Upon selecting the toolbar option from the View menu, a list of options appears. The list in its default state is shown below:

A check next to an item indicates that it is shown on the toolbar. Unchecked items are not on the toolbar. To check or uncheck an item, perform a right-click while the cursor is on the item. This procedure toggles the action: if unchecked, it checks the item, and vice versa.

If File Shortcuts is checked, the toolbar icons and representing Open in XSection and Open Session are present on the toolbar. If unchecked, they are not part of the toolbar.

Unchecking Zoom removes the icons , , and representing Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom reset and Zoom Rubber.

Increment/Decrement is the item for showing/removing the and icons from the toolbar. They represent the Increment and Decrement operators.

Analysis is the suite of icons for Amplitude spectrums. F-K Displays, F-T Analysis and Cross-Plots. The icons are: and respectively.

Python controls the Python server status and gives access to the Python Terminal.

Capture controls the snapshot icon, which is:

Undo Redo controls the horizon editing tools, the icons for these functions are: and .

3D controls the 3D window customization tools, the icons for these functions are: , , and .

Delete controls the delete icon, which is:

The Python, Picking, Movie and Performance entries are turned off by default. The Performance toolbar can be used to show the current memory usage. The Movie toolbar can be used to generate Increments/Decrements automatically. The Picking toolbar can be used to control picking options.

The Small Toolbar Icons changes the icons from a 24x24 pixel size to a 16x16 pixel size.

Reset Toolbars returns the toolbar back to the default status.

Selecting Customize brings up a customize toolbar dialog.